A loving homage to classic JRPGs. Tactical battles mixed with rich story, social links, pleasant visuals and a fantastic soundtrack.
  • Tactical turn-based RPG
  • Strong focus on the narrative
  • Social Links
  • Town management
  • Hand-drawn 2D backgrounds
  • Orchestral soundtrack
  • Professional English voice acting
The evil overlords have retired, the Great Old Ones have moved to greener pastures, the crusading churches have switched to tax evasion. Your character is the perfect epitome of such an age. Playing as Kay of House Loren, you unexpectedly find yourself the inheritor of a proud and ancient kingdom. But your ancestors have left behind a convoluted mess, and - let's be honest - you are no hero. Oh, and there's also the issue of a massive debt...
With dynamic objectives, variable victory conditions and objects spawning on the battlefield, the flow of battle in Regalia shifts constantly . Temporary Shield Points replace the traditional healing mechanic, encouraging careful play. On top of that, numerous ongoing buffs and debuffs help alter the odds.
Unorthodox Battlefields
Spectacular Abilities
Ongoing Effects
Dynamic Obstacles
Whether a landscape or an interior, Regalia offers plenty of eye-pleasing visuals.
Between party members, villagers and NPCs, many interesting characters shall cross Kay's path. Beyond these friendly fellows, a multitude of ugly monsters await to be put to the sword.